Who Is Behind Parliament Security Breach? Who Is Lalit Jha?

Lalit Jha, the mastermind behind the recent shameful Parliament smoke incident, surrendered to Delhi Police a day after five others were arrested for the security breach. His surrender to the police shows that he must be anxious and worried about the outcomes of the police investigation thus he surrendered. In today’s article, we have brought details about this whole incident and the culprit Lalit Jha, stay tuned till the end to know all about it.

Who is behind parliament security breach

Who Is Behind Parliament Security Breach?

Amid this shameful act which has angered the whole nation, Lalit Jha, who had been untraceable since the alarming incident, resurfaced, tracing his steps from Bihar to Kolkata, where he quietly taught students. His surrender at a police station near Parliament highlighted his connection to the perplexing smoke canister deployment.

Reports have stated that Lalit Jha has been avid admirer of the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. Thus he purportedly captured videos of the perpetrators planting smoke canisters outside Parliament. He entrusted these recordings to an NGO’s founder to ensure they reached media outlets. Curiously, his role as the general secretary of this NGO led by Nilaksha Aich added interest to the unraveling the truth behind this henious incident.

According to the reports from his known ones Lalit has always been a reserved person and always minded his own business, Jha’s sudden disappearance from Burrabazar in Kolkata, where he maintained a low profile, remained a mystery until his recent surrender. Meanwhile, the unboxing details painted a picture of meticulous planning and execution by the alleged culprits.

The audacious hijack into Parliament, excuted by Sagar and Manoranjan, unfolded dramatically as they breached security with smoke bombs. Meanwhile, Neelam Devi and Amol Shinde, unable to secure entry, protested outside, creating a commotion with slogans and smoke canisters before their apprehension. This incident has angered whole nation as its not only breach of security but also it’s and act of massive disrespect of the nation. For all the latest national and international news, information and updates stay tuned with us.

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