Who is Neelam Azad? Woman Arrested Over Lok Sabha Security Breach

The recent attack on our newly made Parliament has been mind-boggling for all of us. This shameful act of disrespect was done on the first anniversary of the parliament. Wellz the attack wasn’t that dangerous but it was shameful and disgusting and apart from that it raises that question of the safety of the place from where the nation is run. It’s the temple of democracy and if the temple of democracy isn’t safe then what about the nation?

Neelam Azad

Well according to the latest reports, the accused entered the premises of Parliament splurged color bombs, and tried to disrupt the functioning of Parliament. According to the reports, police officials detained the culprits involved in this shameful act. One of the detained culprits is Neelam Azad. According to the reports Neelam Azad is a resident of a city in the Indian state of Haryana, called Hisar. Reports further claimed that she is currently engaged in studies, and found herself among the protestors arrested by the police for breaching security at the Lok Sabha. Hailing from Ghaso Khurd village, this 37-year-old woman was reportedly unaware of her involvement in the Parliament protest, as per her brother’s statement to the police.

Another surprising fact about Neelam has recently been revealed by her brother, that Neelam recently passed the National Eligibility Test. Although she had visited her village a few days prior, there was no mention of her participation in the protest. According to the reports from media portals, Neelam’s family too has been shocked to see her involvement in this attack.

According to other reports, Neelam had also applied for a teaching position in the National Capital but unfortunately did not make it through the shortlisting process. This eclectic mix of pursuits sheds light on the diverse facets of Neelam Azad’s life. This attack on parliament was not dangerous, but it was act of disrespect for the temple of democracy and a question of security of the most prominent national building. Our research team is currently looking into this news story, and we will update you about the other arrested culprits too. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.

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